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Structural decomposition of digital negatives to create new abstract photographic images.

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Images decomposed from their original referential context provide opportunity for re-interpretation – both intended and unintended by the Artist.

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Bending Light

Do we look beyond what we immediately see … ...

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Hard Times

Hard times cycle through history, changing people and places. We are often unaware ...

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Ireland Suite

“Is the illusion images create now preferable to reality”………..

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The Fringe Project

The Fringe Project explores the physical manifestation of the human spirit through suspended moments in dance and song.

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CONTACT 2009 – Selected Works

Selected Works Exhibition from the 2009 Contact Photography Festival, Toronto.

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Architecture & Urbanism

Studies in Architectural and Urban Composition, Evolution, & Decline.

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Selected Works

Individual images & minor projects.

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Individual images and projects from 1970 onward.

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